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People and Me…

So here I was with a website all done, I’d even managed to get a few other crafters on board and I was very excited about it all.  I’d had help getting the other crafters on board so I hadn’t had to talk to people to much, thank goodness.

Other people and me are like oil and water, we don’t mix well.  Theres no grey areas really people either love me or hate me .  When they love me its because they think I’m funny, thing is I’m not trying to make people laugh.  I’m just saying things how I see them.  Obviously in a very amusing way .  Thing is when I say these things I’m often quite annoyed with something or someone, usually because my depression has yet again reared its ugly head and I have that so called black dog tied to my ankle .  Thats one of the horrible things about it, it can make you say things you wouldn’t normally say.  I guess I’m lucky I seem to say these things in an amusing way, either that or I have very forgiving friends.  Very very forgiving.

Add to that the fact that when I meet new people, I have absolutely no idea what to say to them.  If anyone has any hints or tips please leave them in the comments box I’d be really grateful as I have no clue.  I’m supposed to be asking people if they’d like to sell there goods on our site, but I’m awful at it.  I’ve started conversations with people and never finished them, they probably think I’m a crazy cat lady.  Which I am a bit seen as I have a cat called Baby.  AKA Guardcat.  She thinks she can protect me, and growls really loudly at everything and everyone, like a dog .  People think she’s funny, I think shes crazy like me .  I actually think depression runs in my family, as they’re all either depressed and on medication, or depressed and reliant on something else.  Me ? I chose to go to the Doctor.  Unfortunately that trip led to everything else that went wrong.  My IBS, arthritis, polymyalgia, fibromyalgia, major depressive episodes, I already had epilepsy and I suspected IBS, can things get any worse , really ?  At the moment I’m having to get used to the fact that this is the way life is for me now, I’m disabled and I have to get it into my head that I’ll have good days, but getting better isnt a thing thats going to happen for me, I haven’t got a cold.  Major downer.  But hey, life goes on, I have people to make laugh with my sarcastic comments. LOL   :’D


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