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So here I am …

So here I am wanting to make a website, never having built one before and not knowing where to start.  I made the suggestion to my friend and told her if she would go half on the price with me , not to worry I’d sort it all out (insert laughter here).  Much to my amazement yet again she agreed, although she did say she didnt think it would work we could give it a go for a few months and see what happened.  At this point I decided it might be a good idea if we tried to get other people to sell their hand made goods on our site too.  I actually borrowed this idea off a friend of mine who was doing the same thing, needless to say she wasn’t very happy about it and told me so in no uncertain terms.  I’m sure theres enough room for both of us though, I mean theres enough room for more than one clothes shop.  So I looked into what had to be done…and did it.  Like I said before I’d decided I could do anything I liked.  First I had to buy a domain name, but every name I came up with was taken.  Literally every single one I tried.  I turned to my friend to see if she could think of something, we wracked our brains, and everything was still taken.  Then her sons friend asked what we were doing and said oh why don’t you have creative crafts, you guessed it, it was taken.  However creative crafts uk wasn’t, at last , we had our name.  I bought it quick time, before someone else snapped it up and then that would be taken too.  So great we had our name, guess we better get a website built (you can laugh some more here).  I then started looking for a webhost.  Talk about the proverbial minefield.  All I wanted was one that would let me have a shop on it, at a reasonable price.  Not knowing anything about anything this took up a considerable amount of my time.  I waded my way through mountains of websites giving different providers marks out of ten for various things to try and see which would be the best to go with and the easiest for me to start with, seeing as I’d never done one before.  I noticed that they all allowed you to try them out or maintain a blog on there for free, so I decided to try each one and see which was best.  All this took a quite a while, a long while.  During which time my friend was getting lots of cushions made and various other things.  We had a deadline to meet, we’d previously decided Mothers Day was the time we had to be up and running by.

All of this, as you can imagine kept me frantically busy every single day…all day.  I had something to do all the time, I was busy again.  My depression lifted a little more and I felt great.  I was still in pain most of the time but I didn’t care about it now because I had something to do , something important to me, for some reason it didn’t seem to hurt as much.

Eventually I decided on a provider, and started on what I thought was going to be an impossible task.  What little faith I had in myself, to say I was surprised when I came to actually do it was an understatement, I was shocked to the core.  Not only could I do it, I could do it well ! Within a couple of days it was built, writing the little snippets and putting up the various photos in the shop took the most time.  More to the point I really enjoyed doing it.

Now I had to get other people interested in selling on there too.  This is not my good point.  I often say, I’m not a people person.  Mainly because I’m rubbish at talking to people, like really bad.  People often think I’m being rude to them, I’m not,  its just my way of talking and my sense of humour, people don’t “get me”.  I’ll tell you more on that next time.


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